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Our mission here at ESC is to provide our customers with professional diving services through earned experience, traditional hard work, exceptionally maintained equipment, with the highest commitment towards the safety of all personnel.

ESC provides all types of underwater services:

  • Laying of subsea pipelines
  • Under water sea bed survey
  • Clear junks from the sea bed
  • Leg inspection before and after Rig pre-loading
  • Installing or lifting of well corrosion caps and trash covers
  • Assistance and guidance of conductors
  • Hot tapping of in-service pipelines
  • Cold cutting of subsea pipelines
  • Under water video recording
  • Nondestructive testing includes but not limited to:
    • Magnetic particle inspection (MPI)
    • Close visual inspection
    • Ultra-sonic inspection (UT)
    • Flooded member & thickness measurement
  • Run and orient slot saver
  • Check platform guides above and below sea level
  • Check for any leaks around conductor pipe while drilling surface hole
  • Installation of subsea offshore structure
  • Jackets under water Cathodic protection measurement (CP)
  • Anodes inspection & replacement
  • Supplying and installation of Mechanical Connectors (smart flanges)
  • Free span correction & stabilization.
  • Fabrication, welding and installation of Conductor Guide
  • Providing ROV services

We have experienced team to offer all types of commercial diving activities:

  • Diving superintendent – A management position responsible for diving operations
  • Diving supervisor – Professional diving team leader responsible for safety
  • Working diver – The person who is intended to do the underwater work during a professional dive
  • Stand-by diver – A member of a dive team who is ready to assist or rescue the working diver
  • Divers tender – A person who assists a diver when out of the water, and manages the divers umbilical from the surface
  • Diving medical practitioner – A medical practitioner registered to assess medical fitness to dive, manage diving accidents, plan safety for professional diving operations, provide advanced life support, acute trauma care and general wound care. – On telephonic standby.
  • Systems technician – A person competent to maintain, repair and test the function of diving and support systems and components
  • Additional members for remotely operated underwater vehicle support:
  • ROV pilot – A person competent to operate a remotely controlled underwater vehicle
  • ROV Supervisor – A senior ROV pilot appointed to supervise the ROV team

Diving personals pre-qualifications:

  • K. health safety executive (HSE)
  • IMCA
  • Health cert.
  • Offshore survival course certificate
  • Basic firefighting course certificate
  • Use of breathing apparatus sets (BAS) course certificate
  • Life support and first aid course certificate
  • Safe lifting rigging, slinging and crane operators signals course certificate

Diving Equipment

  1. Complete air spread

Highly efficient surface-supply diving equipment which supply compressed air from surface.

In case of surface connections are cut, divers will use stand-by air cylinders which is connected to the diving helmet, there is a camera and light torch fixed to this helmet that films work under water and display it on a large screen on platform to supervise on works professionally as per client request

  1. Umbilical Secret rope with pipes and cables that supply diver with air and communication on surface.
  2. Air quad Group of compressed air cylinders that supply divers with all necessary needs as breath air enough for working under specific depth and for effort exerted.
  3. O2 quad Group of medical oxygen gas cylinders.
  4. Control panel Under water communication and control unit that used to control communications with surface unit and supply divers with air and backup.
  5. CCTV visual communication unit connected to a camera which shows operation progress under water
  6. Personal equipment Diving suit, weight belt, fins, dagger and gloves
  7. Kirby Morgan Helmet  Rigid head enclosure with a breathing gas supply used in underwater diving
  8. Sand blasting machine Cleaning equipment for metals using compressed air and sand
  9. Inspection Equipment Underwater inspection equipment(U/W color video camera – U/W still photographic camera – U/W cathodic protection potential meter – NDT inspection set )
  10. Hydraulic/Pneumatic tools Under water tools used for fastening, assembling and cutting of pipes
Installing of 3 new Conductor Guide for GG Platform Maintenance
2016-01-01 To 2016-01-01
General Petroleum Company (GPC): (Offshore) GG Platform 2016 Project: Installing of 3 new Conductor Guide for GG Platform Maintenance Fabrication, welding and carry out diving works for installation of 3 new underwater Conductor Guide (Depth=40m).   See more
Extending and submerging of drainage HDPE Pipeline
2019-01-01 To 2019-01-01
AMAPETCO: (Offshore) Ras Al-Dib 2019 Project: Extending and submerging of drainage HDPE Pipeline Extending and Submerging of drainage 500 meter length HDPE Pipeline and carry out diving works for installation of pipeline on RC supports   See more
Repairing of Broken Pipeline at Depth=25m
2019-02-01 To 2019-02-28
General Petroleum Company (GPC): (Offshore) Amer (2) platform Project: Repairing of Broken 6" Pipeline at Depth=25m Seabed survey by divers for riser, riser clamps to locate breaking point on pipeline and free span points all supported by v   See more
Installing 3 new seawater suction pipe net and Cathodic protection maintenance for south bakr station fire fighting net
2014-06-02 To 2014-06-02
General Petroleum Company (GPC): (Offshore) South bakr station. Project: Installing 3 new seawater suction pipe net and Cathodic protection maintenance Seabed survey by divers and video recording for the 3 pipe n   See more

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