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It has always been the policy of " ESC" to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions , equipment and systems of work for all our employees, as well as such information, training and supervision as they need in this connection.

We undertake to comply with the relevant statutory requirements and ensure that all reasonably practicable measures are taken to avoid risk to our employees and to other who may be affected by our activities .

Face and Eye Protection

  1. Approved safety glass will be worn by all "ESC" employees when working inside the "ESC YARD" or when working in the client s working site.
  2. Welding shields and hard hats will be worn when welding.
  3. Safety goggles will be worn respect , follow and support the client s safety policy in this aspect.

Working at Heights / Ladders / Scaffolding

  1. All "ESC" employees will use a proper safety belt , properly worn and properly secured when working at heights .
  2. Personal safety equipment such as safety belts , riding belts must be checked to insure they are in good condition .
  3. Always carefully inspect any equipment to be used as a support or work platform .
  4. When using ladders , must use the proper ladder for the job , and secured at top and bottom .
  5. Ensure the work area is free from slipping and tripping hazards
  6. All tools and equipments must be properly secured so that they cannot be dropped .
  7. Make sure all scaffolding /boards are properly secured .
  8. When using boards to work from . Lash the ends securely, allowing minimum of 6 inches overhang at each end
  9. Always work in pears at least .
  10. Always ensure that your safety line is attached to the highest point above you to allow comfortable working .
  11. Check scaffold for week point .
  12. There should never be more than two people on the staging at any one time.
  13. Always wear a work vest when working over the water .
  14. All "ESC" employees will follow and support the client s working standards

Dress Requirments

  1. All personnel will wear steel toed  boots when working inside the" ESC YARD" or at the client's working site.
  2. Approved plastic hard hats will be at all times by all "ESC" employees while working inside the yard.    
  3. All hard hats are to be secured by chain straps when working two meters or more above the deck or as conditions dictate  or to client's.       
  4. Good fitting work clothes must be worn.
  5. Adequate gloves to be worn in according to the job tasks and the exposure rating. 
  6. Approved work vests will be worn when working over water.             
  7. All "ESC" employees must respect all the safety policy and procedures of the client and will give all full support other above aspect.

In welding with Electric / Power tools

  1. When grinding all "ESC" employees will wear safety goggles .
  2. The grinding wheel will be rated at or above the recommended speed .
  3. Grinding safety guard must be mounted at all the time .
  4. Start grinding wheel at least  30  Second before applying work .  
  5. Check the grinding wheel for cracks and chips before each use .
  6. Secure air lines properly to main air supply .
  7. Be aware when working close by electric cables with hand hold power tools.
  8. Check the connection at both ends of the connecting hose and ensure they are tightly secured and the rubber seals are in good condition.

Permit to work

  1. All welding and cutting operations will be handled via a work permit and written instruction .
  2. All "ESC" welders will follow the client work permit system .
  3. All working location will inspected prior to welding and / or cutting and identify the potential hazards and correct them to prevent any accident .
  4. All "ESC" employees will follow and use the client entry permit if there any before entering any confined or void space for safe operations.
  5. All "ESC" welders and employees must follow and support the client work permit system .

In Painting and Chapping

  1. When chipping always wear goggles for eye protection .
  2. When painting you must wear filter mask , safety goggles .
  3. Clean up spilled paint .
  4. Keep all thinner and paint tightly shut .
  5. Do not leave brushes and spray gun in cans , clean after each use .
  6. Dispose paint or thinner soaked rags .
  7. Ensure adequate ventilation and use proper equipment when working in confined space .
  8. All "ESC" employees will follow and support the clients rules in painting and perform the job in according to the paint pacification.

Welding operation

  1. All welding activities, the use of oxygen, acetylene or cutting will be performed by a qualified welder.
  2. All the "ESC" welder are certified to the abs.
  3. All oxygen and acetylene bottles will be checked for leaking valves and seams prior to start operation.
  4. All cutting torches and hoses will be inspected for any damages prior to start operations.
  5. Never stores oxygen cylinders where they may be exposed to oil or grease.
  6. Always use the proper regulator.
  7. Do not test for leaks by using flame or any liquid. Just use soapy water.
  8. All "ESC" welders will use clients hot work system if there any for safe operations.

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