Company departments Steel Structure

Piping and pipeline installation
We make complete installation works for all the piping and pipeline systems with different materials (carbon steel, stainless steel, PVC…..ETC) and with different diameters .
The works include (pipe fitting, welding, painting and testing).

Construction of the steel structure building   
We make complete construction works for the steel structure building include the mechanical and civil works we make the different size of this building and we make it ready for different uses

installation for fire fighting pipeline
We make fabrication and erection works for the fire fighting pipeline and piping system include welding and painting works, we also make the hydro test for all that.

Tanks installation and erection
We make all sizes and types for different uses, carbon steel tanks for (fire fighting, row water, fuel…..ETC) and stainless steel tanks for (food industry, petrochemicals… ETC).
We make mechanical works and civil works for the tanks include tests works.
Production lines modification
We make the production line transporting and modification with different types we also make production line extension
The work Include (lifting, welding, alignment and erection works).
Periodic maintenance works for the factories
We make all the maintenance works that may be needed in factories with different fields.

All kinds of skilled manpower supplying.
We have all kind of manpower that can finish any Mechanical works at minimum time.
Our manpower include professional engineering group that can making all kind of drawing (plan, isometric, work shop drawings…etc) and can make complete control for all kind of for all kind of mechanical works.
And we very professional crews that can all this works in perfect time and with safety way.

We have all kinds of required manpower as follows:

  1. Technical office engineers (drawing & planning)
  2. Field engineers (piping & structure)
  3. Fabrication supervisor   
  4. General foreman
  5. Skilled welders
  6. First class fitters
  7. Skilled riggers
  8. Skilled mechanics
  9. Skilled electricians
  10. Skilled painters.

Our company after making complete installation of any project can leave small group to make the maintenance works for this project .

CCE Company for prefabricated concrete
2011-04-22 To 2011-04-22
Project of installation of all the steel structure buildings for the company factory in new salhia The works include all the   See more
Egyptian Airports Organization
2011-04-22 To 2011-04-22
Sharm El-Shiekh Airport Project of installation for the arrival hall roof in sharm elshiekh airport. The works include all the fabrication   See more
Elhoda factory for plastic products
2011-04-22 To 2011-04-22
Project of installation of the steel structure building for the factory in new salhia. The works include the civil works for the building and all the mechanical works fabric   See more
Elmanar factory for flagstones
2011-04-22 To 2011-04-22
Project of installation of the factory building from steel structure and making steel structure works for the machine supports The works include all the fabrication,   See more
Steel Tec Company
2011-04-22 To 2011-04-22
Project of complete installation for steel structure building in sugar factory The works include the fabrication, welding and erection   See more
National Bank of Egypt
2011-05-01 To 2011-05-01
7 Floors of steel structure Construction in the 5th Avenue,   See more
General Petroleum Company P03
2011-05-01 To 2011-05-01
Project of making complete maintains works for (GG) platform The works for the platform body, replacing the damaged part boat landing, burg bumper, handrail, ladders and grating.   See more

El-Kholy Contractors and Steel constructions

For Mechanical and Electrical works


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