Tanks Scope of work
1) Construction of storage tanks with different size for different uses

  • We make complete construction works for storage tanks ,To serve all fields (oil storage tanks for oil field, water storage tanks for water treatment station…etc).
  • Our work Include civil and mechanical works
  • We make the concrete base works, manufacturing works in Site or in our workshop.
  • We make the welding, and erection according to all the international codes (API).
  • We also make fabrication and welding works for the piping system of the tanks and making all the erection
  • Works for the tank accessories.       

2) Complete maintenance works for in service tanks   

  • We make all the maintenance work that may be required.
  • For the storage tanks such as replacing (bottom, shell and roof) sheets and making batches in tank body.
  • Also replacing works for the tank accessories (handrail, cooling rings and fire fighting system)   .
  • We also make sludge removing works from in service tanks to make it ready for maintenance works.

3) Installation of stainless steel tank for manufacturing service   

  • We have very big crews which are professional in installation works for different sizes of stainless steel tanks for manufacturing service in different fields.
  • We have our workshop ready to make any type of stainless steel tanks for different uses.  

4) Installation for all kind of pressure vessel
We make complete installation of pressure vessel for different Uses, different sizes and different fluids
 (Air, nitrogen…..etc).

We make manufacturing and welding works with respecting of internationals codes and we make the testing for the pressure vessel under the indicated pressure by this codes

East zeit Petroleum Company
2011-04-22 To 2011-04-22
Project of complete maintenance works for three oil storage tanks TK#220 A\B\C for east zeit Petroleum Company. The works include repainting   See more
HAMRA PORT, Webco Petroleum Company
2011-04-22 To 2011-04-22
Project of installing two storage tanks for separation station between crude oil and water The works include the civil works for the tanks and all the mechanical wo   See more
Khalda Tarek Company
2011-04-22 To 2011-04-22
Construction, installation and welding works of three storage tanks with total weight of 500 ton. We make all the civil and mechan   See more
South El Dapaa Company
2011-04-22 To 2011-04-22
Project of construction of six storage tanks with different size . We make all the manufacturing works in our workshop and transport the tanks to t   See more
Wady - El-Sahl Petroleum Company
2011-04-22 To 2011-04-22
Project of maintenance works for the storage tanks in wady –elsahel Petroleum Company. The works include replacing some sheets in bottom and shell, sand blasting, painting and tes   See more
A cement factory in the Armed Forces in El-Arish
2011-05-01 To 2011-05-01
4 Tanks with 20m as diameter in the Cement Factory in the Armed Forces   See more

El-Kholy Contractors and Steel constructions

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